Save Energy and Money With Energy Efficient Windows!


With replacement windows on your St. Louis area home from Greenmark Home Performance, you will be able to improve your property's comfort, appearance, and overall energy efficiency. Old frames and glass can let in (or out) a lot of cool or warm air. This can cause your home's heating and cooling systems to have to work much harder than normal to keep your family comfortable. With replacements installed, you will get a properly sealed and insulated frame that gets rid of the drafts of air that you would typically feel around your old windows.

Depending on what needs to be replaced, we can provide you with whole replacement (frame and glass) or partial replacement (sash or frame only).

Window Replacement and Installation

The process of replacement can be complicated for someone who has never had this kind of work done before on their home. To begin, accurate measurements will need to be made to be sure that the replacement materials aren't too big or small for the opening. This can be difficult to do in older homes since the openings might not necessarily be exactly rectangular.

Next, we will be sure that proper prep work is done inside your home to protect carpet, furniture, and your other personal belongings from damage during the removal and installation work. Additionally, if the frame is going to be re-used, we will take great care to ensure that it stays in good shape during the removal process of the existing glass.

Then, we will begin installing the new frame or sash material. Rest assured knowing that our team strictly uses the best of the best when it comes to quality materials. This can help to provide your home with exceptional beauty, energy efficiency, and comfort for your family. Installation will also be weathertight, meaning that drafts will be eliminated and all gaps around the frame will be properly sealed.

The final step is to be sure that the trim work is done. This integrates your new sash or frame with the existing jamb.

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Styles Available

Our team of professionals can install: bay or bow, double or single-hung, casement, picture, awning, tilt-in, hopper, basement, garden, specialty shape, and sliding varieties.


  • Little to no maintenance is required for vinyl frames
  • Increased property value
  • Improved curb appeal
  • Energy savings
  • Improved comfort in the home for your family
  • Easy opening, closing, and locking
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