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About Greenmark Home Performance

Greenmark Home Performance has been providing thorough, quality home comfort assessments in St. Louis, MO and Metro East Illinois area for years. View our entire service area. We are certified as a Building Performance Institute, Building Analyst, and as an Envelope Professional. This means that we will be able to easily pinpoint areas of energy loss in your structure and provide proven solutions to ensure your comfort in your home.  Some of the main areas we focus on include:

Mark Inman has been providing comprehensive home evaluations for years now and knows precisely where to look in a building to discover where energy is being used, lost, and wasted. We have ideal solutions for all situations. He has teamed up with the Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Star, and local power distributors throughout the region.

Our Mission

Mark's mission is to make homeowners in St. Louis and Metro East comfortable in their homes using the "whole-home" approach, making homes more energy efficient, durable and healthier.


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Energy Audit in Saint Louis, MO

Energy Audit Performed in St. Louis MO

Air Sealing in O Fallon, IL
Work Done:  Air Sealing   "I was very satisified with Greenmark Home Performance.  They came out and air sealed my attic, added insulation, added ventilation and I had my crawlspace encapsulated.  I am very happy with all the work that was done! My home is more comfortable and I have noticed the ...